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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  April 27, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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tonight and he is looking forward to embarrassing his brother are. and prince william looking well and there is kate walking into the abbey for the rehearsal. thank you for watching everybody. >>shepard: see you in the morning in london. the news begins anew, on "studio b" with breaking news and reports of another tornado has just touched down in tennessee. middle, tennessee ten and it could be a record month for tornadoes and the death toll rising in the wake of severe storms that tore through the midwest and deep south. a school destroyed in mississippi. and box two, 1,000 soldiers but forces and the chauffeured bently, they got it, just for the rehearsal of the royal wedding. and box three, congresswoman gabrielle giffords today boarding a plane to florida to watch her husband take off on a
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historic shuttle launch. we have the new pictures and the latest on the recovery with a member of her team all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" and first from fox at 3:00, never can i remember something absolutely positively nothing ever from the very beginning having captured the nation's attention and ended up with a microphone on one side as we wait for the president and a reality television show promotor on the other side. incredible. they were just rumors, never anything else but the media let it continue. and it all began with president obama's citizenship status which was never for a second in question. and yet the rumors went and went and some people believed for reasons beyond me and finally today the president personally addressed the drummed up controversy and the man who has been pushing it down the track and released a copy of the birth certificate. are you happy now?
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it was already confirmed repeatedly the president is a natural born citizen of the united states, born in the state of hawaii, and we all knew it. but with the so-called birther debate making headlines it appears the president says it is a distraction from the real issues. >> well not be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by side shows and carnival barkers. we have had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican every news outlet that has investigated this, confirmed that, yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii august 4, 1961. >> white house posted the president's "long form," birth certificate online and critics have demanded to see it. donald trump, the television producer, and little more leading the charge, and he says he is weighing a possible presidential run but that is all we have, him saying it, a lot more evidence that the president
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was a citizen than there was that trump will run for anything. the billionaire real estate mogul and reality television star, one of the most vocal critics of the president took all the credit for the decision to release the president's birth record. >> i am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. now, we have to look at it. we have to see, is it real? is it proper? what's on it? but i hope it checks out beautifully. >> donald trump, ladies and gentleman. he may have revived the debate but theories about the president's birthplace came up in 2008 when he campaigned for the nomination. it started with e-mail chains questioning citizenship with absolutely not a single fact to back any of it up.
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incredible. in june of 2008 the campaign released a standard short form copy of the birth certificate. exactly the same kind you need to get a passport in the united states. confirmed. period. the clinton and john mccain campaign, senator clinton's campaign and senator john mccain's campaign, do you thing they didn't investigate in they investigated and debunked it a long time ago. but the rulers have persisted. and now, in tub stub -- in "studio b" to the lawn of the white house. i guess it is the donald that forced his hand, right? >>guest: that and the president says he decided a couple of weeks ago when his and the republican budget proposal got less media attention than the birth issue he would call the state of hawaii or write the state of hawaii and ask them to waive rules and release the long form of the birth certificate.
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under hawaii state law, that long form of the birth certificate is kept in a book at state department of health and it cannot be photo copied or even released to the person his or herself but the president scolded the media for forcing his hand. >> we do not have time for this kind of silliness. we have better stuff to do. i've got better stuff to do. we have big problems to solve. and i'm confident we can solve them. but we have to focus on them. in the on this. >> the president says he knows some people that even this documentation will not convince that he is an american citizen, or born in this country. >>shepard: we get reactions i assume? >>guest: we are. in fact, the head of the republican national committee said it was the president himself who was distracted by the birther issue and house majority leader suggested maybe he should not have released the
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long form. >> i have criticized members of my own party for making this some kind of an issue and so i'm really surprised that the white house is actually doing the same. >> he may have criticized members of the party but he hasn't convinced them. a fox news opinion poll indicated that more republicans believe the president was born outside this country than in it and, therefore, is not eligible to hold office. >>shepard: stunning. thank you. you think this is over? this is in the over. because it's working. it's allowing people who are looking for a reason other than the ones they have, to dislike and distrust the president to have something that is crazy and next it will be college stuff. how did he get into this college? who wrote the papers? where is the information? where are the people in it's from crazyland and we should leave it there. and now we confirm that president obama will soon make
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major changes to his national security team. here is news: according to the white house sources the president will not name general petraeus running the afghanistan war currently, to replace panetta as the ahead of the c.i.a. we are told the president will name panetta as secretary of defense. to replace the current defense secretary gates. secretary gates has said he plans to step down this year. that is not new. finally, the dean of the texas a&m bush school of government and has served as the united states ambassador to a number of different middle east countries and he is in line to become the next united states ambassador to afghanistan. so, a lot going on. and now jennifer at the pentagon today. hello, jennifer. and i guess the big news is an afghanistan pilot carried out a deadly attack on americans. >> there was a significant development in kabul. a 50-year-old veteran pilot being trained by u.s. forces
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there opened fire after a brief argument at the kabul airport and he killed eight united states troops and one american contractor in a matter of seconds. he was then gunned down by afghanistan security forces. and this was a major betrayal. the united states has invested a lot in training the afghanistan forces and this is the 7th attack of its kind where either an afghanistan member of the security forces or someone impersonating security forces have turned on u.s. trainers and the afghanistan security forces. >>shepard: when do they put an end to this after tremendous amount of money invested in standing up the afghanistan air force, and, of course, all our young men whose lives are out there getting turned on by those who are supposed to be their own. this is getting old. >>guest: it is very serious. i remember being in kabul three years ago and being shown around this very large air force base the united states was building to stand up an afghanistan air force and it raises eyebrows why
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were we training an afghan air force and pilots, but, they were very proud of this program and it was the second largest development project in kabul. they were building multimillion dollar complex, and they were training the afghanistan pilots, many of whom flew with the soviets to hand over to them, so, this was a big project, a huge betrayal of the u.s. training mission there. >>shepard: thank you, from the pentagon. great to see you. weather alert. unconfirmed reports of another tornado touching down in tennessee a short time ago in the last 20 minutes, it is my understanding. this as forecasters warn of more potentially "life threatening weather," today in the southeast united states, the biggest threat right now, violent tornadoes and winds from mississippi to the southern appalachians and storm chasers captured this twister outside dallas this morning. weather service got 50 tornado
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reports yesterday across four states, and foils say the storms killed at least four people overnight including a police officer in mississippi who died protecting his daughter from a falling tree limb during a camping trip. and then, the flooding. check out this video from kentucky, what a mess. dozens of communities fighting to save their homes and businesses and our chief meteorologist is live in mississippi, northeast of jackson, and i know you are at a school that got wiped out. >> it is really sad. about 2:30 in the morning a tornado went through the high school. look what it did. we have been out surveying the area and this was a very big and long-lasting tornado. i would say from what we say about 15 miles long, a huge swath of trees completely done and toppled over and you can then see this, solid construction building, a brick building, or a block building, and you come into the back and
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all of the blocks have been torn down. to get that kind of damage, brick building, block buildings, really significant tornado, 400 to 500 students go do this school with eight days left in the season. school completely destroyed. so, now, what happens? horrible destruction. the field house back here, as you move toward the football field, detried. wherever you look, the students were just allowed back in and they have been getting their personal belongings. >>shepard: this storm is not over, is it? >>guest: no, no, 100 tornado reports the last two days and today likely will be the worst. i have never seen wording from the national weather service like we see now. look at the radar picture. you can see four tornado watch boxes and two are called particularly dangerous situation and it is mississippi, and much of alabama, and you can see the want -- warnings, and they
3:12 pm
expect the worst of the tornado, the big area, 45 percent chance of people saying a tornado 25 miles from them and right where we are is under a tornado warning. so, people are going to be dealing with this. >>shepard: a warning, not a watch. >> a warning. when we are done, we will take the appropriate measures but everyone is doing all this work, now, with a little bit of trauma from last night and they have to find a place to take cover. >>shepard: and stay safe. from tennessee, possible tornado near look out mountain which is big peak, you can see seven states, damage on lookout mountain in the valley and several trees and power lines are down and homes and businesses damaged and waiting for the first pictures, in
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chattanooga, on the border there. southeast, keep advised. the obama administration has been saying, here is another one, "we're not taking sides in the "not" war in libya," despite the drone strikes and the nato air campaign and helping out ... trait, a news flash that could change the official line on the conflict in libya. okay guys, what sounds good for dinner tonight? i don't know, something. [ mom ] something... ♪ mexican. [ female annouer ] thinking mexican tonight? hamburger helper has five festive flavors like crunchy taco. hamburger helper. one pound. one pan. one happy family.
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>>shepard: and now we get word from steve jobs about how iphones, in, capture the location of people and storing the information for months and they know wherever you go every moment. steve jobs has said something. he said a short time ago speaking to the "wall street journal" that it was tracking users' iphones to reduce the amount of location stored on the phone and fix what he called a software bug that led data to be
3:17 pm
stored when the location service thing was turned off. he is the apple executive who has been on leave and he said the company has and i quote, "never transmitted the precise location of iphones," and more breaking news jobs says apple will testify before congress on this matter and it sounds like they are working to get a resolution. that is apple and the c.e.o., steve jobs speaking out on the matter making headlines. full story tonight on the fox report and the interview at the united states making a major decision in the "not" war in libya. the u.s. has concluded that the main libyan opposition body, or the transitional national council deserves the united states' support but the united states has in the decided whether to formally recognize the group.
3:18 pm
slow creep. that is according to the u.s. ambassador to libya and while the move falls short of "full" support, it puts the united states closer to endorsing the libyan opposition group as the legitimate voice of the libyan people. we were getting to know them a couple of weeks ago, as hinge -- hillary clinton put it. italy and france have recognized the group and now, the "not" war is more of a war now and we know the stands of the libyan opposition group, right? >>reporter: well, the u.s. is really letting its money do the talking. washington will send $25 million in nonlethal aid to help the rebels. what does that mean? it means they could get body armour, ambulances, radios, and even food and medical supplies but they will not get weapons or ammunition but the u.s. is now financially assisting the
3:19 pm
rebels. one thing worth noting quickly, nato at least now is considering, considering, considering sending a civilian to benghazi, the rebel capital, to act as a contact person as the conflict progresses. >>shepard: what is the scene in the capital? status quo? or what? >>guest: well, they keep a tight lid on journalists and do not let us out so it is hard to tell. there are reports of food and medical shortages and we are driving around tripoli today, in a bus, with other journalists going to take pictures elsewhere in the city, look at the video we shot, these are gas lines. this looked to be a mile long. many cars look like they had no gas and does not look like the gas stations were operating. as i took the pictures, one of the government officials on the bus got very upset and asked me to stopped, and i continued taking the pictures and that is
3:20 pm
when things got awkward. listen to what happened. i am doing a story on the ... on the oil. why can't we show what is happening? >> a number of the people we were with asked to us tell the truth but at the same time they would not let us shoot the pictures and very quickly, i also saw a number of vehicles with large guns in the back and they were covered with a green army colored tarp to conceal them from the eyes of nato. >>shepard: covering the war from a tram at disney. prince william and katie are rehearsing the wedding and we
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>>shepard: get ready now. royal wedding time. with more than two billion people expected to watch. two billion. british troops leading the royal procession leaving nothing to chance. hundreds of soldiers lining up outside the palace at 5:00 this morning for a rehearsal. they had a horse drawn carriage that will carry the prince and his bride away. and a state car in the rehearsal carried a brunette stand in for kate.
3:25 pm
the crown got ready, but it was in the kate, not the real one. >> i can't believe how wonderful this is. it is giving me goose bumps. i will get up at 4:00 tomorrow morning. again. nobody does pomp like the brits. >>shepard: we are told a caravan arrived a shirt time ago for a rehearsal and the papparazzi preparing for their big day. the best picture of the couple could be worth a small fortune. a big fortune. and now royal wedding correspondent. >> the royal wedding is a big target for the press who go to great lengths to snap a shot. so the wedding of william and kate i don't mean a big payday for that shoulder bug who gets the perfect shot. i spoke to legendary photographer, sir arthur edwards from "the sun."
3:26 pm
>> are these pictures that are taken all the time, we they worth more in the united states or other countries? everyone wants those shots so bad. >> the papparazzi pictures have a world market, not in britain but worldwide. a photographer took pictures of kate having lunch, leaving after lunch with camilla and brought over $100,000 pound. all he shook this shot of diana before she was married to prince charles. >> i knew she worked in a nursery and there is a small park, a garden. took her into the garden. and the sun came out, and believe it or not this is when i was so lucky and we saw the beautiful legs and i saw that and i knew this was a great picture. >> you have had the most amazing access to the royal family that anyone could imagine and you
3:27 pm
traveled all over the word. when you take that photograph and you look through that lens you see into the eyes of diana and now kate, what do you see, similarities at all in. >> with diana she wore her heart on her sleeve and you knew her mood looking at her each morning when she got out of the car if it was a bad humor or good humor or sparkling. when she was in sparkling you knew you would get fantastic pictures but with kate i have never seen her do anything wrong, she has been unbelievable taken to the world duties. >> on the wedding day what is the picture to get? the most expensive picture that you have to go more on wedding day? >> i'll be outside westminster abbey, as they walk out, as the bells are ringing the people are cheering and the choir is
3:28 pm
singing, and that is it and william and his royal air force looking, really, glamorous couple, that be be the picture and that is what i am try and get. >> and that is what separates him from the new bread of papparazzi that really will pursue, dangerously pursue just for that shot tomorrow morning. he is going for the iconic shot that will be in time magazine showing 9 best moments of the year. he wants the power couple. the couple that comes out of the abbey. and they have something over there called the red carpet rule and that is kind of a code that supposedly all photographers go by that if they are on an official duty snap away, great. but if they are rung an errand, you remember diana would be photographed in the gym working out, in compromising positions.
3:29 pm
and they know they cannot shoot kate at the gym or playing tennis so they do have have a semblence of trying to coral these guys. we are talking about 100 or 200 cameras, people with the longest lens, and just think trying to find your cars and 200 people are around you and the sound of all those shutters going off and that is what william grew up with. his first step, his first day of school, his firsted pony ride and diana was concerned. he obviously has that huge concern but why think there is any avoiding her becoming the next diana. she is the print -- princess. >> how was the trip?
3:30 pm
>> it was great. in 1981 i was there for diana but it is like a tsunami of happiness and national pride and you can feel it wherever you go and it is pretty cool that everybody can come together and the only time that happened had this country is for a presidential funeral but this is for a moment of happiness and national unity. so, it is a spectacle. wall street disney cannot up these guys. they do it better than disney and that is saying something. >> live pictures to the right on the screen, of the preparations for they rearsal. -- for the rehearsal. >> i got out last week right in that spot where kate going to get out, opened the door, the door will be open and she will step out of that car and the whole world will see the whole dress for the first time and it is about a four minute walk from the point you get out of the car
3:31 pm
down to the end, to the altar, and i read diana said she felt like a lamb going to slaughter but that is a different time because she was thrown into the palace and this young woman, this is going to be a triumphant moment, years and years in the making. >>shepard: so great to have you here. wish you could be here all the time. >> i would love to. good to see you. >>shepard: joan will join us on friday, april 29th, so soon! martha and i will be there and, i will fly overnight, and will anchor special coverage at 4:00 eastern, 3:00 in oxford with live reports from westminster abbey and the palace through the morning. so if we have to get up you have to get up. the nation's top banker weighing in on oil prices and galatian i- and inflation in the united states. he has never given a news
3:32 pm
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to find out if chantix is right for you. learn about the chantix challeng antix may not work for everyone. if you aren quit after 12 weeks, we'll refund your cost of trying it. learn more at >>shepard: the federal reserve chairman, in this case bernanke, taking questions from reporters after a policy meeting. part of their effort to increase transparency. the first press briefing after a meeting comes as the central bank leaves interest rates at a
3:36 pm
record low. while downgrading the outlook for the united states economy. and now the business network reporter live in washington. what did we learn from the news conference, peter? >>reporter: the fed thinks the economy may not grow as fast as it predifficultiesed -- predicted early this year because of weak exports and bad weather. it will grow around 3 percent but that is not enough to really start creating more jobs and getting the high unemployment rate down. so the fed will continue their policy of low interest rates for the for seeable future. the fed chairman said all of this could take a while before we see strong economic growth, real strong job creation, and he understands why the american people could be impatient. but he is confident the economy will get back to strong economic growth. >>shepard: what about higher
3:37 pm
food and oil prices? >>guest: that a big topic of this press conference, a lot of questions about that and the fed is watching that very closely, and is worried about that but the fed chairman hopes, he thinks they might be stabilizing at about these levels. take a listen. >> there is not much the federal reserve can do about gas prices per se. at least not without deraging growth entirely which is not the right way to go. after all, the fed can create more oil. we don't control the growth rates of emerging markets. we can try to keep higher gas prices from passing into other prices and wages throughout the economy. >> fed chairman doesn't say it directly but higher oil prices
3:38 pm
and will continue to climb with commodity prices and that could derail the economy and send it back into potential double dip recession. >>shepard: thank you, peter, from the fox business network. great to see you. two big stories from the white house, one big story and one big load of mess. from word that major changes in store for the country's national security team. that is news. we have been reported the c.i.a. director will replace the retiring defense secretary gates and general petraeus will give up command of the war in afghanistan and take over as the c.i.a. that plus this morning, the president came to the microphone and released another version of the birth certificate proving ... which he had done ... he is a natural born american citizen. it is wednesday, and now to the fox news political analyst for wednesday's with juan. well, i hope everyone is happy,
3:39 pm
juan. >>juan: no, they are not. now they are on another theory they want to know if he committed social security fraud, and how did he get to harvard law school. it reveals it for what are it is, a lot of people are angry with president obama. is it racial? it looks like it has a racial part but they want to beat him about the head on the basics of his biography. >>shepard: over nothing, because this was from the very beginning absolutely nothing. and the people pushing it? they knew it was nothing. so you don't do something like that without a reason, you do it to get him off the game. it is bad for the country. i wonder now, if the news media ought to look in the mirror and say, you know what, journalism
3:40 pm
102 taught you, you could not report rumors. this is a load of crap and we knew it. >>juan: and someone like donald trump has used this issue to raise himself in the polls and today he said he forced the president to release the long form, it is just so cynical, cynical to the point you just want to cry for the country. >>shepard: i was frankly saddened to see when you come out and report what is absolute truth that it is like some sort of revelation or news. the opinion people want to knock things up and they things around for political reasons, well, that is what opinion people do, but what the networks break in and donald trump is on one side talking how proud he is and the president in the back watching over nothing when we are stuck in three wars, the economy is in the dumper and no one is paying attention to what is going on,
3:41 pm
it is flat sad. >>juan: the thing is if you look at numbers, it is incredible, you had half of republicans in the country and almost all the tea party saying, this guy wasn't born in the united states. >>shepard: how did that happen? >>juan: the leadership in washington, people who should have been sufficiently, of sufficient integrity and spine to say this is wrong, this is not the way you should treat any president of the united states, and it and in the worthy of us as an american people in temperatures of focus and concentration, debate about the issue, in the worth a moment of our time, those people never stepped up. and as a result, lots of people who have policy differences with the president, legitimate policy differences, instead got involved with the personal attack that is beneath them. >>shepard: there was a time you read the newspaper, you learned what is going on, watch the tv, learn more, and now you go to the sites and you could think the sky is purple and the
3:42 pm
grass will come up pink and by the end of the day you can read enough website to be convinced of that. we need a collective mirror. just freaking stop it. >>juan: what you said about the journalism professor for us in the media is true but for the country as a whole this could be a mirror moment where you say, how could we get so lost in terms of the conspiracy theories? why are we into dragging people down and diminishing people as opposed to dealing with the issue. it is just crazy. >>shepard: maybe because the issues now are so big and difficult to wrap your arms around and you are looking for someone on the other side, like me and lsu, it doesn't matter ... they could transplant eight hearts and save the lives of the greatest people in the world and i will hate lsu it is part of my job as a rebel. >>juan: but you love the sports and you love the game. it is one thing to root and one thing to be a republican or democrat and another thing to have the country just go off the
3:43 pm
rails to where you are worried it will crash because everyone is a doom sayer and a conspiracy theorist and at that point how do rational people have an honest conversation about the critical issues of our time. >>shepard: it could be a mirror moment, asking for transcripts and if he is an atheist, and that and that and the other. barely three months since a gunman shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords through the head. today, she claimed the stair those board a jet and that jet took her to florida where the hope is she will be able to accomplish one of her goals, and watch her husband command the next space shuttle mission. imagine, imagine the pride. this man who has watched his wife suffer so much and this woman who is about to watch her husband soar into face and what a miracle it is. a terrific story.
3:44 pm
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>>shepard: and now congresswoman gabrielle giffords today got on a plane to take her to the last scheduled launch of the "endeavour" and now we have the photographs. the helicopter captured this video. showing gabrielle giffords climbing the stairs of a nasa jet, and an aide helped her and she made it up largely on her own. can you imagine in she is headed to watch her husband, the astronaut, the "endeavour" commander, mark kelly launch into space on friday. and she is involving from the january attack in tucson when a gunman shot her in the head. and now from tucson, representative gabrielle giffords communication expert. >> a pleasure to be here. >>shepard: a lot of ways to process how the story could
3:48 pm
unfold on that horrible sunday as we stared at the screen in horror, it warms you up on a cold day. >>guest: well, it does. it was a saturday and it seems like ages ago, but, you are right, shep, we have come a long way since january 8th. i don't think anyone could have anticipated that we would be at this point, today, watching the congresswoman fulfill a goal to see her husband command the "endeavour". >> you have seen her and been with her and they are particular with her rightcy but what can you tell us, what are you to tell us how she is doing in the whole country is interested. >>guest: he is doing great, no question about that. i was with her last week for a little bit and i actually was the person what told her that the president and the first family would be attending
3:49 pm
friday's launch. and she was very excited about that. and, look, she is working really hard, she always has worked hard. anyone who knows gabrielle giffords knows she gives her all. she did that in congress. she is doing it now in her recovery and the result is the milestone we see today. >>shepard: can you give us an idea of how aware she is of everything that is happened beginning with that day? >>guest: she is ... very aware of ... where she is, what has happened to her, and is focused, really, hard on her recovery. that is her goal, to get through the recovery process and get back to work. >>shepard: meaning a potential run for congress, still, is that still a thought? >>guest: well, you know, i don't, there will be plenty of time to discuss politics. right new her focus is recovery.
3:50 pm
and hopefully it will in the be too long before you can ask her that question yourself. our job and the congresswoman's staff is to do the job that the congresswoman asked us to do which is to serve the people of southeast arizona and we derive a tremendous amount of pride in doing that and this is the job that she has asked us to do. >>shepard: thank you, you are doing it very well, c.j., and i cannot wait to watch the bird fly on friday. so glad she will be there. it will be right at this time on friday, the shuttle will launch and we will have it live right here on "studio b" next friday. launch your dreams. at we pu.
3:51 pm
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>>shepard: don't you hope the wedding never, ever, ends?
3:54 pm
again, the royal wedding, what would you do to get a front row seat? a britain has been camping outside since monday. you might imagine he has no job. of course he is not the only one giving up the week to see them emerge from the abbey as newlyweds. and jonathan hunt was recently made a princess, is live from the palace. you chatted with this guy sitting there on the line like he is waiting for a justin beiber concert, right? >>jonathan: well, i did, indeed, and he is john lockery and willing to sleep on the streets of london for a week, an interesting character. take a look. >> you are putting yourself through a lot to be first in line to get a good view here. >> yes. >> do you have food? >> i am slimming down. >>jonathan: i would think so.
3:55 pm
you are only about 75 pounds all right. >> exactly. (inaudible) and also i am bringing ... >>jonathan: you have snickers? >> i don't eat sweet things. i eat healthy. >>shepard: you look happy. >>guest: i am. than hand and you are barking mad? >>guest: i am more he decentric. >> who is this? >> camilla. camilla. i like that name. >>jonathan: why is it important? to be part of this momentous
3:56 pm
occasion. >>jonathan: did she have a child? >> no, maybe that is why they is here. but i could meet a man. >>jonathan: they are arriving outside of westminster abbey and we will bring lots more of them to you on the fox report tonight. and i hear there is a line of people camping out at the airport for the arrival of american royalty in the shape of shepard smith tomorrow morning. >>shepard: that is more horrifying. thank you, jonathan. our princess, jonathan hunt. if you missed yesterday, that is out of context. but jonathan will join us friday for the coverage of the royal wedding and martha and i will be over there and our special coverage begins 4:00 a.m. eastern. and that is a wrap on "studio b" for this wednesday. what a day in the market. the dow jones industrial average is up 94.64 at this moment.
3:57 pm
and listen to what the nasdaq did today. the nasdaq hit the highest level in 10 years! and now the details right after this commercialh
3:58 pm
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